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Our Trainers

Howds Hounds

A resident of Westport since 2014, Mike obtained his AKC Dog Trainer certification from the Connecticut K-9 Education Center in 2015.  In the spring of 2017 Mike completed the Karen Pryor Clicker Training program.  He has been working with dogs for over 3 years, including his own 3 yr old black lab, Toka.  For two years, Mike assisted Operation Delta Dog and gained valuable experience under the tutelage Operation Delta Dog's primary trainer, Carolyn Barney.  In 2018, Mike attended two intensive training programs (Dog Behavioral Psychology Trainer Academy and PTSD Service Dog Trainer Academy) hosted by This Able Veteran.  Mike loves dogs, and like the rest of us at Toka's Friends, feels that we need to do more for our military veterans.  Mike is committed to providing as many veterans with service dogs as possible.

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