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Our Dogs

Since the beginning of 2016, eight dogs from Operation Delta Dog have gone through our program. Some are currently training with a veteran to become a certified service dogs, some are working on their basic obedience skills while awaiting a match with a veteran, and some dogs who had health or temperament issues have been placed in loving "forever" homes. 


Perry, a black lab mix came to us when he was about 8 months old and boy is he smart.  Still a puppy, he loves to play, but when it comes time for training, he is very focused.  We have been working with Perry to get him ready to be matched with a veteran through Operation Delta Dog and we look forward to following his progress.  


Lincoln is a sweet chocolate lab mix from Operation Delta Dog.  We sometimes call him Mr. Wiggles because he wiggles around and tap dances when he is excited (which is most of the time).  Having spent the first year of his life tied to a tree, you can understand why Lincoln is so happy being in a warm and welcoming family environment. Friendly, loving and eager to please, Lincoln will soon be paired with a veteran and begin his "on the job" training.


Marvin, a plot hound mix loves people.  He wasn't quite as fond of other animals, but after a couple of months with Toka and his buddies, Marvin became much more relaxed around other dogs.  Very smart and eager to please, Operation Delta Dog has recommended Marvin for nose training.


Leonides, a confident and smart shepherd mix is currently working with a veteran to become a certified service dog.


Another lab/hound mix from down South, Bella is absolutely the sweetest puppy ever.  She loves to cuddle and loves to please. We were fortunate to have Bella with us for a couple of months and were sad to have her leave, but we were thrilled to hear that Operation Delta Dog had placed Bella with a veteran.  We are sure that Bella's veteran will love her as much as we did.


Coal is also a lab/hound mix from the South.  In fact, at one point, Coal and Bella were housed in the same shelter.  They reunited here in Westport and really bonded.  Smart and a bit mischievous, Coal fit right in with Toka and his buddies and he even learned some manners.  Health issues disqualified Coal from being a service dog, but Operation Delta Dog was able to find a loving home for Coal.


Another lab/hound mix, Mocha is a sweet pup who is eager to please and to show love and affection.  She is now working hard to earn her vest to be a certified service dog.  

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire, now known as Maguire, was the first Operation Delta Dog that we had the pleasure of fostering.  A shepherd/lab mix, Maguire is like a big cuddly bear.  Being as smart as he is, Maguire was quickly placed with a veteran with whom he continues to work towards his service dog certification.

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