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Toka's Friends Fall Pig Roast 2023

Despite wind swept rain, we managed to hold our annual Pig Roast on September 24th. We had over 60 supporters and veterans join us despite the weather. A good time was had by all!  Special thanks to Tom Camara for securing a tent for the event!!

Introducing Jesse

We are honored to name one of our puppies to a true American hero who is near and dear to our hearts. Ensign Jesse Brown was one of the first African American Naval officers and pilots. He lost his life in Korea while providing air support to American troops trapped near the Chosin Reservoir. Posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Ensign Brown is the main figure in the recently released movie, Devotion.  In June of 2023, we added this happy and intelligent little guy to the team.  He will always be a reminder to us of the legacy of Jesse Brown.

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